Bike Expo’s pick of the most useful apps for cyclists

Bike Expo’s pick of the most useful apps for cyclists

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The (rather irritating) advert used to say ‘there’s an app for that’ and these days there really does seem to be an app for everything. And apps are not just about finding a date or booking a hotel, there are so many out there that cyclists can make use of. Here is Bike Expo’s pick of the most useful apps for cyclists, but we’d love to hear your suggestions. Let us know on Twitter @TheBikeExpo or over on  our Facebook page.

1.    Strava – described as the social network for athletes, this app lets you track your running, swimming and cycling, join challenges and follow friends/other athletes. And we’ve recently launched our own Strava group, so do join us.

2.    Training Peaks – this app lets you find training plans, write your own training plans, track workouts and analyse your workouts. There is also a version for coaches which looks amazing (there is a free seven-day trial available).

3.    Train Xhale – this gathers training and racing data, set goals and allows users to train smarter with guidance from coaches. Again, there is a version for coaches as well as athletes, and Train Xhale is compatible with Garmin.

4.    Trainer Road – a really useful indoor cycling app with different training plans (for triathletes, road cyclists and more). The training is tailored to your own fitness level and will help you achieve your cycling goals.

5.    MyFitnessPal – this is the ultimate food and fitness tracker, complete with barcode scanner and recipe function, so you can count every calorie consumed. There is a free and a premium version and MyFitnessPal is compatible with lots of other kit including Fitbit, Garmin and Training Peaks.

6.    HeyGreenGo – an app to help you find friends with similar interests. Great if you’re looking for training buddies for a particular cycling challenge or event, or you just want someone to cycle with locally.